Backstory Of GJW

Leia Organa Solo had resumed her positon as Chief of State at the worst possible time for the New Republic. Her triumphant return to the position granted freedom and safety for many planets and groups forming within the Republic, to escape the carnage left in the wake of the battle of Yavin.

It was 21 years after the bloodshed and the New Republic was in need of some stability, as was the Imperial Remnants. As she returned to the position, a main aim for the Chief of State was to branch out, further spreading the freedom and liberty granted by the NR leadership.

So, with another closure of yet another session of the Senate, numerous small fleets were assigned to explore the Galaxy for planets unwilling to support their fading Imperial Masters. Only few of the senators argued the idea, including the revered Admiral Ackbar, who claimed that the exploration project would weaken the New Republic fleets when they were most needed.

It was not long before the exploration fleets soon came under fire from Imperial forces protecting what they had claimed as their own. Fearing for the safety of one of the weaker fleets sent to explore a dangerous part of the galaxy, Admiral Ackbar launched his flagship, the Home One, to aid the vessels in the perilous journey.

Deep in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy the Admiral and his escorted fleet came into contact with an Executor-class Star readnought, the Intimidator. At the hands of the Imperial Forces the Intimidator bore down upon the Republic ships, destroying many of the vessels before they could even react. At the command of Ackbar the remaining ships launched a devastatingly precise series of attacks aimed at destabilising the Executor.

A long, drawn out battle of unparalleled measure ensued before the Destroyer was finally damaged. One final onslaught from the Home One itself saw the Intimidator split, almost completely in 2. Ackbar was devastated though, his ship had taken critical damage and was the only remaining vessel in the original fleet sent on the exhibition.

Returning to Coruscant, to attend the next session of the Senate, Admiral Ackbar, along with many other Senators including Sian Tevv agreed that the missions of exploration felt to be more of a trap to lure out the Imperial Forces rather than the aided liberation of planets. Thousands had died to pursue Leia’s ideals to unite more planets under the New Republic, to the point where a mass majority of the New Republic demanded for a vote of no confidence in the Chief of State.

The vote succeeded.

Admiral Ackbar was to stand for Chief of State and Leia was shamefully removed. Taking Organa’s side and proclaiming Admiral Ackbar a traitor to the New Republic, Mon Mothma addressed the Senate, removing herself from the deliberations and to fight no more for the “Clearly confused rabble of Senators who call themselves members of the New Republic!”

Her actions split the Senate. Members either side pointing fingers as to the right and wrong course of action yto take. Factions began to emerge slowly, over a three day period of debate and arguments across the Senate house. Unable to stand no more, Ackbar begrudgingly left the discussions, leaving a majority of Senators to argue over the seats of power. His journey was short and violently interrupted as an enormous Imperial Fleet hyperspaced into the skies above Coruscant to put an immediate end to the deliberations of the New Republic.

Unbeknowest to the Senators, the Intimidator was, at the time of its demise, carrying the most precious cargo of the Imperial Remnants, The Council of Moffs. In its entirety, the Council was murdered in the Battle of the Unknown Regions and went down with the Star Dreadnought. A passing Imperial Fleet soon discovered the wreckage and soon plans were laid down, plans that would lead to the Imperial Remnants getting revenge on the New Republic.. The preconceived attack strategy for Coruscant was based on a massive brutish attack of all possible power and with nothing to lose anymore, the Imperial Remnants would give it their all.

Turning about to face the Imperial Fleet of many Star Destroyers and the one Remaining Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Admiral Ackbar ordered everyone to fire upon the Fleet from, his newly repaired, Home One. The Admiral’s enormous Vessel was still no match for the fleet and before the battle had even got going, the Home One was torn to pieces above the Planet, killing all on board, including the legendary Admiral Ackbar.

Soon enough, before the Senate evacuation plans could be put into motion, the Star Destroyers began to lay siege upon the Senate District, firing all in their capacity down onto the colossal structures. All in side were incinerated, burnt alive as the flames and hurtling missiles tore through the building. A scene of destruction and genocide appeared on the surface of the Galactic Capitol below the bombardment. The planetary defences were simply no match for the devastating strength of the Imperial fleets.

As the fleet began to slow its fire and move away from the atmosphere, phase two of the plan began. A number of Sith, trained by the Emperor himself were dropped onto the surface to purge the cities and search for any survivors of the brutality. They found and executed Mon Mothma, along with former Chief of State, Leia Organa.

On Yavin 4, Luke Skywalker felt the all too familiar anguish of death and loss as he realised the death of his sister was a reality. Distraught, he could sense the dark presence in the ruins of the Senate and feared the hopes of the New Republic were slaughtered along with its leaders. Giving into the Dark Side and its relentless temptation, Luke Skywalker left the Praxium and his few pupils behind. In the forests of Yavin 4 the new Grand Master of the Jedi Order ignited the blade of his Lightsaber through his throat, taking his own life.

The remaining ships above Coruscant no longer took orders or even adhered to simple commands. The Admirals quickly dispersed across the galaxy leaving nothing but a consuming darkness in their wake. The skies rapidly turned black above the once greatly adorned Political Capitol, as the powers of chaos and anarchy drew ever closer.

The future of both light and dark forces remained unclear. The Imperial Remnants, now only a few Admirals and Commanders separated by reaches of space were to roam the galaxy with no clear leadership, delving into piracy. The New Republic was all but destroyed, its founders and leaders slaughtered, too busy bickering to protect themselves and their precious freedom. The Sith and Jedi would emerge the powers of control, vying for strength and support across a shattered galaxy in deep turmoil.

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