History Of GJW

GJW has been around longer than anyone would think. Here is a history of the site, including information on it's origins and it's initial closing in 2007.

Humble Begginnings

Great Jedi started in the mind Akarin and Tekryn as a simple idea, for a fun, popular and active RPG. What started as a simple free forum, soon turned into a large membered, larger forum RPG.

January 2007

The two friends created the game while sharing a house together in Grimsby, UK. Starting with the simple, be a Jedi or Sith concept, they created the InvisionFree forum and started advertising for members.

February 2007

The RPG had become a hub of activity, with over 20 active members, it was clear that the site could have a future and everyone was eager to offer improvements and suggestions on how to keep the game interesting.

March 2007

Akarin finally talked Tekryn into allowing him to add the NationSim side of the game. This would create a two tier level of gaming. You could not only RPG a character but also take over the leadership of a Star Wars Planet.

April 2007

The Admin team decided that, with over 50 active members playing both the RPG and the Nationsim, it was time to split the two. They created a second forum for the NatioSim, known simply as Galactic Struggle. This split allowed the original GJW forum to be used solely for the RPG game.

May 2007

Galactic Struggle launched! The Admins set about purging the GJW forum so that the NationSim no longer interferred with the RPG side of the game. The two sites where set to run and the Admins announced their opening.

June 2007

Great Jedi War started to boom again, with new members joining and the RPing being very detailed and welll written. Galactic Struggle was slowly taking off, with over 30 active members to GJW's 50.

July 2007

Akarin no longer had the time to run Galactic Struggle and he officially closed the site down. Tekryn found that real life was putting a strain on his ability to run Great Jedi War so, on July 17th 2007, the Great Jedi War forum was closed.

The Grand Re-Opening

After the new year, Daedalus emailed Akarin about restarting Great Jedi War. After discussing it with Tekryn, it was decided that they would re-open and try again.

January 2008

After 3 days hard work and re-organisation of the forum, the game was ready again. GJW opened it's forum to new members, which slowly started to increase. Many old members returned, such as Valin and Helios

Next for GJW

Hopefully the site will gain it's old popularity and host a large number of active players. With the recent set up of the Great Jedi War IRC and Wiki, along with the purchase of an official domain, the stage is set for an interesting future…

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