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Welcome to Great Jedi War. We are an online RPG based around the Star Wars Galaxies. Great Jedi War focuses on the Order's, both Sith and Jedi that were around during the time period starting 22 ABY. When you join Great Jedi War, the first thing is to make a character profile you can use, going Jedi or Sith. You then join the order as an initiate and with any luck, obtain the leadership of a Master or Lord.

The aim is, technically, to obliterate the opposing order, however there are obviously complications which prevent this from happening so easily. As a Jedi or Sith you will go on mission or tasks set by your Master or Lord, missions to attack or spy on the opposition. These will help you gain prestige with your order and experience, grating you promotions through to Master or Lord yourself. You can also participate in RP battles, one of combats against other characters.

Force powers in Great Jedi War are monitered to allow for fairness and believability. As of now, powers are rated out of 100, satring with 0/100 at the rank of Padawan or Apprentice, but using RP fictions submitted to the Avatar you can train in any power available at your rank, allowing you to improve your chances of obliterating the enemy.

there are rules in place to prevent characters being killed unless the member clearly states they will allow it, afterall it makes it more realistic and you still get the chance to create a new character.

Their is also a planetary leadership side of the game. Very much like any other Nation Sim just Star Wars based.

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