Here is a brief history of Tekryn not only in Real Life but in an online world.

Childhood and Adolescence

As a child, i was much the same as i am now, belching, scrathing my arse, throwing a hissy fit when things didn't go my way and planning for world domination…so really all that happened when i grew up was i got bigger ;)

First Online Game Experiance

My first online game, in multiplayer RP terms was as a member of the Emperor's Hammer. I joined the Dark Brotherhood, the Directorate and the Intelligence Division. In The Dark Brotherhood i got to RP as a Dark Jedi, something i loved very much which still shows in my RP'ing now. The Directorate allowed me to run a planet and introdce initiatives to a certain extent which was good and my later venture into SWDiplomacy and Galactic Struggle benefited from the previous experience. The Intelligence Division is something i still have not been able to benefit from, though it was fantastic. Under the direction of my EH superiors i was sent to spy on many foreign clubs, among others was the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, of which i am now a member. This club split from the EH a while ago and both sides still harbour feelings of resentment in areas. The EH wanted to determine wether or not the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's new Grand Master would be a threat to them, that was my mission. I enjoyed it, a massive conspiracy which culminated in me being thrown out of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the EH Brotherhood so they could save face and deny the mission. From there i gave up online gaming for a while.

Current Game Memberships

Currently, after my rest of RP'ing i am a new member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, yes the one i spied on :P and loving it to be frank. I also play an important role in SWDiplomacy which is a fantastic Nation Sim in Galactic terms….though my greatest love is the expansion and development of Mine and Akarin's Site, Great Jedi War!

Hobbies and Interest

My main interet in Life is without question, Politics, i hope to stand in Parliament one day and fight for the betterment of my country (Britain btw). Akarin and I work together, closely in RL on our political lives in the hope we can both rise to government. Among others i also enjoy films and im a massive lover of music, disturbed are my favorite band but i also love Silverchair, li'l John, Ray-J, Faithless and far too many others. Every now and again i don't think you can beat going out and getting hammered in town or down the seafront (for those who know it, Akarin and I live in Cleethorpes/Grimsby on the east coast.)

Some Personal Details

You may never know some of my most personal details,my sex, real name etc…but everything you could need to know is above you ;)


CHINESE, BLACK, RED, FOSTERS, KENTUCKY, PAISLEY, BAN….. a few of the things that have played an important part in my life in some way, guess how an i will give you a big suprise………Akarin, you don't get to guess!

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